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Topical Haemostatic Technology

Haemostatix's topical haemostat, PeproStat, is based on coupling multiple fibrinogen-binding peptides to a soluble carrier, thus forming a highly active fibrinogen-binding site (Figure A). The active peptide is a short 5mer sequence (Gly, Pro, Arg, Pro, Gly) that binds to the distal ends of the bi-polar fibrinogen molecule, forming a fibrinogen: PeproStat co-polymer (Figure B). The co-polymer then assembles into branched fibrils, to form a robust clot (Figure C). This new mode of action, based on peptide : protein recognition, is very rapid and effective, and has been demonstrated in numerous pre-clinical surgical haemostasis models. The derivative of PeproStat, HXP12, is purely peptide-based and has the same mode of action.

Topical Haemostats