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Rapid and effective haemostatic action

PeproStat is a new class of topical coagulant or haemostat that is applied directly to a wound during surgery to control bleeding. PeproStat polymerises fibrinogen into a fibrin-like clot, without the need for the enzyme thrombin. This novel mode of action is rapid and effective, and the efficacy of the product has been demonstrated in numerous pre-clinical surgical haemostasis models. In a replicated animal trial, PeproStat was significantly faster than four current therapies.

PeproStat™ Liquid has been successfully evaluated in a clinical trial at four hospitals in the UK, following authorisation from the MHRA. The trial was in liver surgery patients and generated both safety and efficacy data. (delete FDA etc ) A Phase II trial at 30 sites across Europe has commenced and involves 120 patients in 3 surgical indications.

Ready-to-use formulations

One of the key advantages of PeproStat is its stability in liquid form. In contrast, the current market leader, thrombin, has to be stored in lyophilised or frozen form and then re-constituted or thawed in surgery prior to use. As speed and convenience are highly desirable in a surgical setting, and essential in trauma, PeproStat Liquid has significant competitive advantage.

A derivative of PeproStat, HXP12, is also resistant to terminal sterilisation in liquid form, and this is enabling the development of a ready-to-use flowable gel. The gel is also transparent, enabling the wound or closure to be observed after application. Current products require substantial preparation prior to use and are opaque.

Blood-free ingredients

PeproStat is based on a short peptide attached to a recombinant albumin carrier. Current brand leaders are based on the enzyme thrombin extracted from human or bovine blood.

The derivative of PeproStat, HXP12, is purely peptide-based.

A new class with a unique mode of action 

PeproStat and HXP12 are based on the Company's proprietary fibrinogen-binding peptide technology. Learn more about the mode of action More...



Key facts about PeproStat™

  • Designed to prevent localised bleeding
  • Ultra-rapid clotting action
  • Ready-to-use formulations
  • Blood-free components
  • Patents pending
  • Currently in a 120 patient Phase II trial
A new molecular blood clotting agent
PeproStat™ binds to the blood protein fibrinogen to rapidly form a clot that controls bleeding